Don’t Give Up . . . Just Give!

In Lent we hear the call to realign our relationship with God. In order to do so, many Christians make the decision to give up certain luxuries as part of a spiritual discipline of self-denial so as to replicate the sacrifice of Jesus Christ’s journey into the desert for 40 days. Some give up desserts, some give up alcohol, some give up social media. More often than not they do not replace it with something less addictive and more meaningful, going straight back to it as soon as the Easter bells ring. This year instead of giving up something I invite you to just give, specifically your time and your talent to our community.

  • Give some time to prepare, serve, and clean up after our Sunday morning breakfasts.
  • Give one hour a week to our Sunday School students or to our Sunday evening EYC .
  • Give your expertise and wisdom to one of our teams, committees, or task forces.
  • Give your care and presence to a parishioner who is sick or shut in.

Eat your dessert with a glass of wine while checking your Fb page . . . but do it quickly. Then give the gift of yourself, just as Jesus did. Trust me, you will be rewarded beyond anything you can ask or imagine.

Rev. Licia+

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