Who We Are

The people of St. Anne’s come from a variety of religious backgrounds. Some of us grew up Baptists, some Lutheran, some Roman Catholic: everyone is welcome here. We break bread, we struggle with important questions, we raise our children in the faith and face life’s difficulties and transitions together. We also celebrate and have fun, there’s a great deal of laughter in the halls of St. Anne’s. This is what community looks like.

Join us for a service on Sunday morning, for a class, for a small group gathering or meet us in the city as we build houses, feed the homeless, or tutor children. We are the hands of Jesus in the world.

St. Anne’s Day School and Enrichment Programs

St. Anne’s offers the highest standards of quality in early childhood education. In an environment of love and respect, each child is given the opportunity to expand their concept of the world. The Day School’s program provides for developmentally appropriate growth emotionally, cognitively, socially, physically, as well as spiritually.

Children are given the chance to initiate choices of activities, as well as having teacher initiated instruction times. The goals include increasing each child’s capacity to reason, and encouraging a spirit of inquiry in a creative learning environment.

Most of all, St. Anne’s Day School wants your child to know that he or she is a worthy person, acceptable and lovable just as God made him or her. Having a good self-concept and the opportunity to learn in this environment are gifts that last a lifetime.

St. Anne’s Day School works in collaboration with other schools throughout the United States who are inspired by the Reggio Approach to early childhood education.


St. Anne’s Terrace

Located on the campus of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, St. Anne’s Terrace provides excellence in residential housing for anyone over 62 years of age and who is capable of independent living with adequate income. Though some residents worship at St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, the Terrace welcomes persons of all faiths and beliefs.

The monthly rent includes the guarantee of a relaxed, environment, foodservice, housekeeping, linen service, scheduled transportation and 24 hour security.

Activities at the Terrace contribute to mental and physical health. Such activities include excursions throughout Atlanta, trips to other Georgia locations, and opportunities for physical fitness and continuing education classes. The Terrace offers, a beauty shop, a convenience store, and a Wellness Clinic.