Adult Formation via Zoom

Adult Formation via Zoom

time 9:00 am

Every Sunday from

January 31, 2021


February 14, 2021

Come join us! For Adult Formation this year we’ll enjoy a rich variety of offerings via Zoom*: we’ll read and discuss a few books, watch and discuss a series of TED talks on faith and religion. Please check this space regularly to see what’s next! The formation hour will begin at 9:00 am, which is a slight change from our regular formation time of 9:15 am. For the Zoom link, use our Contact Form to contact Rev. Tim Meyers and let him know you would like to join the discussion. See below for what’s coming up.


Sunday, Jan. 31 | Remember the Sabbath and keep it holy.

This is the fourth commandment of Ten Commandments which we have heard and perhaps know from memory. But have we taken the time to actually think about the significance of the Sabbath and what it means to us in the modern era? Perhaps throughout the past few months, our understanding of the Sabbath has changed. Or maybe you have always wondered what the Sabbath actually is since it is foundational to the Jewish and Christian faiths.

Join us for a three-week study of Walter Bruggerman’s book “Sabbath as Resistance.” We will start the book study on January 31 following the Parish Financial Update and Annual Meeting on January 17 and 24. We will read and discuss Chapters 1-2 on January 31, Chapters 3-4 on February 7, and Chapters 5-6 on February 14.

If you have any questions, please use our Contact Form to email Rev. Tim Meyers. If you are on our email list to receive our weekly eB’Anne’R you will receive the Zoom link via email on Sunday mornings. Otherwise, use our Contact Form to contact Rev. Tim Meyers and let him know you would like to join the discussion. When you join the discussion be sure to use both your first and last names rather than a name that includes “iPad” or “iPhone” so you will be admitted. This is another security measure to protect our gatherings from inappropriate (and worse) posting.

*About Zoom: Zoom is a web-based video conferencing tool that allows users to meet online, with or without video. You can join the meeting via the desktop client or use a mobile app on your phone, or tablet. For information visit the zoom website: getting started or how to join a meetingOr simply follow the instructions in the next paragraph. Be sure to use both your first name and your last name in your log-in block and not simply “iPad” or “iPhone” so that you can be admitted.  This is an additional security measure to avoid inappropriate, and worse, posting to Zoom events.

To join any gathering you will click on the link for the gathering (email Rev. Tim Meyers using our Contact Form and he will send you the link) and follow the prompts. You will need to download the Zoom software and register for a free account at If it’s your first time joining one of the meetings, please try logging in about 10 minutes ahead of time to set up your system. We look forward to our conversations!