What is an Acolyte? An Acolyte (from the Greek word for “follower, helper”) is a lay person, usually a young person, who lights the candles, carries the Cross and candles during the procession, and assists in serving at the Altar. You will see them wearing short white flowing shirts called cottas over red vestments called cassocks.

Our team of Acolytes is a dedicated group of young people who wish to take their learning and Church experience one step further, by participating in the celebration of the Eucharist “up front and personal.” Being an Acolyte helps in learning the “in’s and the out’s” of the liturgy and gives our youth the ability to serve the community through participation in the worship of God.

We offer Acolyte training several times throughout the year and make it an engaging, fun, and interesting experience. If you are interested in putting your Acolyte skills to the test, St. Anne’s is a regular participant in the bi-annual Diocese of Atlanta Acolyte Festival and Olympics held at the Cathedral of Saint Philip.

If you are interested in learning more about how to become an Acolyte or you are ready to join the team, contact Rev. Tim Meyers at 404.237.5589 or