About our Children’s Ministries

Hello and welcome to St. Anne’s Children’s Ministry Page! Our children’s ministry programs serve children from birth to 5th grade. Here at St. Anne’s we believe in an inclusive community and strive to incorporate that into everything we do. No matter where your child may be in their own spiritual journey, we are there to meet them with love, respect, and beloved community. We understand that when it comes to raising a family it takes a village, and St. Anne’s is proud to offer its amazing community to you and your family where we can all grow in the love of God together.

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Call to Participate:

As in all programs at St. Anne’s, our children and youth program depends upon the support of parents and the entire parish. If you have a call to participate in these incredibly vibrant and growing ministries please contact Tabi Tobiassen. It takes a whole community to raise children and that is what we are seeking to do.


We provide a safe and nurturing environment for our littlest parishioners ages birth – age 4. Our Nursery is provided free of charge Sunday Mornings (from 9am – 12pm) and for special services and activities. Anyone working in the nursery has been interviewed by the Clergy and the Director of Children and Youth Ministry, Background Checked, and certified in Safeguarding God’s Children.

Sunday School:

During our program year (September – May) children in grades Pre – K thru 5TH are invited to join downstairs in the youth center from 9:15 am –10:15 am for Sunday School. St. Anne’s Children’s Ministries uses the Whirl Lectionary Sunday School curriculum. Whirl is a lectionary-based curriculum that makes it easy for kids to make connections between Sunday school and the church year. It easily grabs kids’ attention with entertaining and theology-targeted Bible stories that help kids seek faith and understanding through the Bible’s message. This is where community begins with our children as they will be in classes with their peers for years to come as they grow in the love of God together.



Children’s Chapel

Children of all ages are welcome to sit with their parents during the Eucharist. During the 10:30 am service, children in grades Pre-k thru 3rd grade are invited to join a Clergy member or Lay person in the parish hall for Children’s chapel. Here children will have the opportunity to hear the gospel message for the day delivered in a children’s message that they can better digest. Children will return to parents at the Nicene Creed.


Engagement in Worship:

It’s no secret that the day of children sitting quietly in church are long gone and we should celebrate that. Our kids want to feel connected to the liturgy because that give them a place in the greater parish community. At St. Anne’s we have a few ways to help you with that:

1. Worship Baskets: in the pews you will notice a basket filled with several different pieces.

a. Let Us Pray Book: An engaging book for children, ages 2 – 8, to follow the liturgy and participate in ways that are appropriate for them through rhyme style narration and beautiful illustrations. This is a great resource for parents when your child has a question about the liturgy as well.
b. LED Tea Light Candles: We know when the candles are lit that God is with us. Use two candles found in the basket to bring God right where you are.
c. The Cross: The cross is very special to us. It reminds us that Jesus died for us and gives us hope for the future. You can use one of the crosses in the basket to pray with or to take to communion.
d. Streamers: Do you love music? Of course you do! When we start singing wave the streamers around and rejoice in the sound of all God’s people. Also, these streamers are the color of the season we are in.
e. Whirl Take Home Sheet: Did you hear the stories we told in church today? Well here is a take home sheet about them. What a fun way to think about the scripture.
f. Scrap Paper: Sometimes people can’t make it to church. They might be home sick or can’t leave their house. Let’s make sure to say extra prayers for those who aren’t here today. With the scrap paper, draw them a picture of what happened in church today. We’ll make sure they get it.

2. Children’s Worship Bulletin:

For children that can read, this bulletin is a great way to get them looking at what is happening all around them in the service through a scavenger hunt. There’s never a winner but there is always a lot to learn.