Youth Ministries
Hello and welcome to St. Anne’s Youth Ministry Page! Our youth ministry programs serve youth in grades 6-12. Here at St. Anne’s we believe in an inclusive community and strive to incorporate that into everything we do. No matter where your youth may be in their own spiritual journey, we are there to meet them with love, respect, and beloved community. We understand that when it comes to raising a family it takes a village, and St. Anne’s is proud to offer its amazing community to you and your family where we can all grow in the love of God together.

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Call to Participate:
As in all programs at St. Anne’s, our children and youth program depends upon the support of parents and the entire parish. If you have a call to participate in these incredibly vibrant and growing ministries please contact Tabi Tobiassen (can we make my name a link to my email?). It takes a whole community to raise children and that is what we are seeking to do.

Episcopal Youth Community (EYC)
EYC is a community of teens 6th-12th grade seeking to find their way in the world by walking in the footsteps of Christ. We believe in building our community together and making sure everyone feels welcomed and loved. EYC provides a time when youth can talk about real issues and show their true selves without judgement or criticism. We meet Sunday nights downstairs in the youth center:

Middle School: 5pm-6pm
Community Dinner: 6pm-6:30pm
High School: 6:30pm-7:30pm

Why is Building Community Important?
Building Community within the church is so important for youth. With stress from school, peer pressure, and the effects of social media, youth need a safe space and a community to lean on. Our activities are designed to help teens grow deeper in their faith and strengthen their relationship with Christ and with others in their lives.

Link to the Diocesan Episcopal Youth Community:

Youth Formation:
During our program year (September-May) youth in grades 6-12 are invited to join downstairs in the youth center from 9:15 am-10:15 am for Youth Formation.

Middle School Youth Formation
During this time your youth will explore the Bible through the lens of the real world using current events and the lectionary. This is where we begin teaching our youth how to debunk bible myths, how read the bible responsibly and begin exploring the sacramental rite of confirmation.

An important chapter in Christian formation, Confirmation is a sacrament and a rite of passage that occurs at the end of 8th grade. At St. Anne’s, youth candidates for Confirmation are required to meet regularly with clergy and lay teachers on Sunday mornings from Mid-August until January of the following year.

In these classes, students explore and prepare for adult life in the church, learning about church history, the Bible, Episcopal liturgy, the modern church, and their own personal Christian ministries. In addition, they participate in service opportunities within our community and a weekend retreat.
As classes conclude, students decide, with the help of parents, clergy, and mentors, whether to be confirmed at the Confirmation Eucharist.

High School Youth Formation:
In High School your youth will have the opportunity to dive into some more difficult issues they may be facing and give a theological refection of the modern world. We want youth in this class to leave with the skills to have civil discussions on what can be some polarizing topics. We want our high school youth to be ready for whatever the world is going to throw at them. We also want our high school youth to feel like empowered members of the church with the power to make change.

Questions? Thoughts, ideas? Contact

Tabi Tobiassen, Director of Children & Youth Ministries at or

For EYC and Youth events happening around the Diocese of Atlanta:

Diocese of Atlanta Episcopal Youth Community