Coming in September

Episcopal 201: A discussion of Episcopal History, Theology, and Practice

Have you wondered how our liturgy developed its particular shape? Or the reason our polity is hierarchical rather than congregational? How many sacraments are there, two or seven? Or maybe you want to know how the calendar developed that we follow week after week, year after year.

Episcopal 201 is designed as a deep dive into the Anglican way of embodying the Christian faith. We will explore our identity as followers of Jesus that is grounded in scripture, tradition, and reason (which includes our life experience).

If you have a desire to learn more about the Episcopal faith or may like a “refresher” course because you were confirmed when you were in middle or high school, this class is for you. It will also provide an opportunity to get to know other parishioners and to discover opportunities to become involved in the life of our parish. This course will also serve as preparation for anyone who has been baptized and may be considering being confirmed or who would like to be received into the Episcopal Church from another denomination.

Throughout the class we will read the Rev. Chris Yaw’s book, Jesus was an Episcopalian (And you can be on too). Episcopal 201 will begin on September 19 and run through December 19. Come for as many classes as you are able to attend.