Donations for Holy Comforter

Lee Miller will be in the parking lot this Saturday, June 26 from 10-11 am to receive your donations.

Lee reports that Holy Comforter is working on opening up beginning July 1. She is also really enthusiastic about the new food manager at Holy Comforter. His name is James (Jimmy) Bailey and he is enthusiastic and dedicated to a low sugar, all natural healthy diet. All our friends from group homes have been vaccinated, but the Holy Comforter budget is tight and there are many more mouths to feed now. Lee hopes to continue St. Anne’s regular — and “much appreciated” — donations into the fall. And, of course, we hope to return to serving Wednesday night dinners at Holy Comforter before too long.

Thank you all for your steadfast support of our friends at Holy Comforter during the pandemic!

Wish list:

  • pre-made hamburger patties from Costco (need 75-80)
  • all-natural hot dogs
  • fresh heads of broccoli
  • chicken breasts and thighs
  • pork chops or loins (Publix is great source)
  • lots of onions
  • lots of green peppers
  • fresh grapes, cherries, clementines and bananas
  • eggs, eggs and more eggs
  • individual all natural juice packs
  • whole grain oatmeal (or steel cut)
  • canned tuna, large cans white tuna packed in water

Please NO store bought sweet granola bars, cookies or snacks.
If you are unable to shop, cash donations are always welcome.

It would be very helpful if you would sign up and let Lee know what you intend to donate. It helps her plan and is a great kindness.
Click here to sign up to donate items

If you can’t make it on Saturday, you can drop off non-perishable items in the donation box labeled Holy Comforter by the narthex porte cochere before June 26.