Episcopal Identity

What is the Episcopal Church about? What do we value the most? What is our “elevator speech” if we have to describe who we are to someone who doesn’t know?

A few thoughts.

Liturgy. We have an awareness that in our communal worship we speak TO God (and strengthen, deepen our relationship with God) and ABOUT God (to those who are participating, observing, sharing). That is why we care. Because in the Liturgy we are called to be hosts to the holy banquet that Jesus has prepared for us, and we cherish that role, we want to do it “right”.

Education. We value our God-given gift of reason, we value doubt and incertitude, and we appreciate the struggle with Tradition and Scripture that invites the Holy Spirit to move among us. We encourage community study and shared conversations about anything that has to do with God and the Church.

Mission. We strive to live our sacred calling in the world. Even when it’s hard. Even when it’s exhausting, frustrating, disappointing. Even when justice is nowhere to be found and peace is a mirage. We still try to find answers for the disenfranchised and remedies to the evils of the world. We show our love for God by loving the unlovable and putting up with the stumbling blocks we ourselves place on our own path.

Rev. Licia+