Eschatology And Christian Hope

On Sunday we shared the first part of a two-Sunday series on Eschatology and Christian Hope. Eschatology, from the Greek ἔσχατος, last, is the doctrine of the last days or the last things. It is a very broad topic and in the short time we shared on Sunday we have only scratched the surface. We looked at how Christian thought on the matter has evolved through the centuries, keeping in mind the two most important questions around this subject: What is the ultimate Christian Hope? And What hope is there for the transformation of the world in the meantime?


Due to time constraints, we were unable to go deeper in our conversation about the Rapture, so I’m posting here two links to interviews to two reputable Biblical scholars who have published on the subject. If this topic intrigues you, join us on Sunday at 9:15 am in the Commons for a conversation with Dr. John Westerhoff and Mr. Bret Schiller