Faith In Action

The Episcopal Church is a community of doers. According to the Book of Common Prayer (p. 855), the mission of all her members, lay and ordained, is to pray, worship, proclaim the Gospel in word and action, and promote justice, peace, and love. At Saint’ Anne’s we take Jesus’ message into the world as we work together and we partner with a number of other entities to transform the world.

Jesus said that “The harvest is plentiful and the laborers are few” (Matt 9:37). Well, at St. Anne’s the laborers  are many and all of them are busy, and everyone can find the best way to exercise the gifts that God has given them. Gifts of presence and compassion, gifts of teaching and forming, gifts of humor and physical strength . . . whatever you are willing to share for the good of the community, there is a place for you on one of our teams.