Giving and Receiving by Volunteering at St. Anne’s

There are so many ways I can give back to St. Anne’s.

My all-time favorite way is to teach Sunday School. Over the years, I have taught with so many of you and have enjoyed every age from kindergarten through middle school. And, over those years I have learned far more from the children than I have taught them.

For many years Bill and I taught the fourth and fifth graders. There was a quiz game show on tv named Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? I can promise you that many Sundays, No, I’m not smarter than our St. Anne’s 5th graders. We always have appreciated the curriculum and materials Tabi and Tim provide for us, but best of all was getting down to a fun and very competitive game of Bible Jeopardy which we designed around the lesson for the day and topics around Atlanta sports teams and St. Anne’s clergy and staff.

In addition to reading our weekly lessons, we have made communion bread, packed lunches for the homeless, and made thank you and get well cards. We have shared some very insightful conversations and just listened to how the previous week at school or at a soccer or baseball practice or game had gone.

I have enjoyed countless donuts and the wonderful music Miss Tabi has for us on Spotify. In addition to being in Sunday School class with the children, I get to see them in church and watch them grow up way too quickly.

Ask someone to teach with you. t’s a great chance to spend time with a friend.

Ruthanna Bost
from the Banner Monthly, September 2021