Invite, Welcome, Connect . . . and spread the Good News


June 21, 2018

Last week, two members of St. Anne’s joined me at the University of the South for the Annual Invite Welcome Connect Summit, which introduced us to a radical kind of hospitality that has its foundation in a movement that began 2000 years ago.

According to Mary Parmer, director of the program, Invite Welcome Connect is “a ministry of relational evangelism and congregational empowerment allowing churches to become places of genuine connection . . . enabling deeper journeys of Christian discipleship and enabling the Spirit of Christ to be at the heart of each church’s hospitable mission of spreading the Good News.” In other words, this is a ministry that increases the capacity of Church communities to be fearless in inviting the world into a relationship with Jesus, excellent in opening its heart and its doors to the stranger and open and receptive to listening to and to meeting the spiritual needs of all.

Invite Welcome Connect has circulated throughout the Episcopal Church and, to date, has been implemented in 43 dioceses, at three Episcopal seminaries, and in three universities. Invite Welcome Connect has also been shared with the Convocation of Episcopal Churches in Europe and with the Anglican Church in Canada. The Church of St. David’s in Roswell, GA has embraced the Invite Welcome Connect model of hospitality and has become the flagship parish for this ministry in Atlanta. In the year since beginning to practice the Invite Welcome Connect way of hospitality, St. David’s has seen significant growth in its parish family and its ability to share the good news of Christ with others and minister to them.

The Vestry and I encourage every member of St. Anne’s to join us on September 15th at St. David’s in Roswell for a special Invite Welcome Connect Workshop where we will learn together how we can increase our capacity for Christian Hospitality at St. Anne’s and fulfill our sacred calling to be ministers of the Gospel in our community.

To know more about Invite Welcome Connect you can go here: or you can ask me (, Claire Davis, Lisle Waits, or Scott Miller (

To register for the Sept. 15 workshop

NOTE: The $10 registration fee covers lunch.

See what Bishop Wright had to say in his opening sermon at the 2018 Invite Welcome Connect Summit:

The Very Rev. Licia B. Affer