From the May 2020 B’Anne’R*:

Uncharted territory. Social distancing. Situation in flux. Shelter in place. Layers of complexity. Live-streamed Morning Prayer. Uncertain times. Pre-recorded Easter service. New normal. Let’s Zoom . . .

I’ve been dealing with this blessed virus since February and I am exhausted!!!!

During Lent, I could just put all of “this” into a big pot together with self-sacrifice, atonement, and preparation, but now??? It’s the Easter season, I want to rejoice, enjoy the lovely spring weather, and get a B R E A K!!!

Sadly, it is not to be. COVID-19 is here to stay and we are all adapting to life in the Pandemic.

To make this time fruitful, I’ve intentionally attended to my spiritual growth and I’ve been especially mindful of how my soul is responding to the circumstances. Since the Christian journey is always a shared journey, I have asked my fellow pilgrims some of the questions I’ve been struggling with in order to gain some wisdom.

This issue* is a compilation of their responses. As you can see, there are no “right” answers and, in some cases, more questions have emerged. I invite you to reflect on the questions yourself and if you feel so moved to share your answers with me.

  • How are you living out your faith in the pandemic?
  • Are you able to attend to your spiritual life? How? What has changed?
  • Are you using some of your time to go deeper (through devotional readings, Lectio Divina, online classes, articles, etc.)?
  • How are you loving God and loving your neighbor at this time?
  • How are you intentionally loving yourself, so that you may serve and be present to others?
  • How are you being the Church in these extra-ordinary circumstances?
  • Do you still feel in communion with others? How?
  • What makes Church real for you at this time? Do you have a prayer space?
  • How was Holy Week/Easter for you?
  • What new discoveries have you made during this time? About yourself, your relationships, your life?

Stay safe and wash your hands,

*For a pdf of the May B’Anne’R click here

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