Masks optional

As of the first Sunday of Lent, March 6, we will adjust our policy  regarding masking at Saint Anne’s in response to the recommendations  from the CDC for areas of low level transmission of the COVID 19 virus.  You may choose whether to mask while indoors throughout the campus for  all gatherings. If you are more comfortable wearing a mask in public  spaces, we will continue to provide masks at the entrances of our  buildings.

Since Pentecost 2021, our Bishop asked the parishes  throughout the diocese to adhere to CDC guidelines. We have faithfully  followed the protocols and now are making the changes currently  recommended by public health professionals.  We are looking forward to  the time when our youngest members are eligible to receive their  vaccinations.  And we strongly encourage everyone who has not been  vaccinated or boosted to consider getting immunized as soon as possible.  We will continue to monitor the levels of transmission and positivity  and watch for any updates from the CDC.

Thank you for  living into the Great Commandment of loving your neighbor as you love  yourself.  It has been a long two years and I hope this is one more step  in returning to “normalcy” in the community.  Let us continue to pray  that this pandemic will soon come to an end.