New beginnings

Hard to believe so many of our students are back in school today; it seems that they go back into the classrooms a little bit earlier every year.

With this new beginning come both anxiety and excitement: what will this new year bring? It will likely bring us its usual times of work and play, experiences of learning, newness, success and challenges: all things that are part of school life since time immemorial. We hope and pray for good work, for successful results, for friendship, for fun, for learning. And we brace ourselves for the inevitable setbacks, the drama, the little disappointments that are part of the lessons learned in school.

We cannot protect our young ones from everything. We can only be present, support, sustain, equip to the best of our abilities. And we can pray.

This year, may no one in school be lonely; may no one be left out in the classroom, in the cafeteria, on the bus or on the playground. May everyone be kind and no one suffer because of how others treat them. May schools be zones of compassion, safety, and stability, where integrity matters and the voices of those who feel marginalized or shaken can be heard. In Jesus name. AMEN