Sharing the Resurrection Online in the 21st Century

During Eastertide, we will hear accounts of how the disciples and early church began to share and spread the Gospel following Jesus’ resurrection in our worship services. The Gospel writer Mark gives us a very brief account of how the words of the angel whom the women found on inside the empty tomb changed their worlds and thus became the first evangelists who shared the joy, terror, and hope of the resurrection. Two thousand years later, the story of the resurrection is still alive and active and reaches more people than at any other time in the history of the world. The ways in which the good news of Jesus’ victory over death and his resurrection are greater today with the help of modern technology.

On Sunday mornings, April 11-25, we will explore and discuss ways in which online technology is helping the church and its members share the hope of the resurrection with more of the world than ever before. We will watch and listen to a variety of videos, audio interviews, and podcasts that have gained in popularity for the preaching of the Gospel over the past decade with the explosion of the online tools and avenues. We will also discuss the drawbacks that the internet and social media have created which can make the spread of the Gospel harder and more difficult for the church.

Please join us on Zoom on Sunday mornings starting at 9:00am for our formation program and discussion. You can find the Zoom link below and in the Sunday morning email. If you have any questions or would like more information, please contact Tim at

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