Sleep Out Atlanta . . . baby it’s cold outside!

While we prepare to spend tomorrow night outdoors as part of Sleep Out Atlanta, don’t forget to pray for our neighbors on the streets and in the cold… you may want to copy and print the following list and share it with someone who may need it. Licia+
The following shelters will offer cold weather overflow when the temps drop below 40 and 35 degrees (see notes for specifics):
At 40 degrees and below:
Salvation Army: 469 Marietta Street, Atlanta 30313—will activate tonight
30 men, 10 women and 2-3 families
Beginning at 5pm for referral, entry at 9pm
At 35 degrees and below: *likely for Saturday night and early next week but please consult updated forecast
Gateway: 275 Pryor St SW, Atlanta 30303
35 men and 10 women
Beginning at 7:30pm
24/7: 404-215-6615—please call before referring/transporting
Mission at the Shepherd’s Inn: 156 Mills Street, Atlanta 30313
men, 25 cots. Client beds/cots may be requested in person beginning from 8am-10am
Trinity: 265 Washington St SW, Atlanta, GA 30303
9 women
Beginning at 8pm
City of Refuge: 1300 Joseph E. Boone Blvd. 30314
Single women Monique Rolland
Beginning at 4:30pm
City Baptist Rescue Mission: 316 Peters St SW, Atlanta, GA 30313
10 men
Beginning at 4:30pm
Donna Center: 865 Warner Street SW Atlanta 30310
20 single women
Beginning at 4pm