Surveying Our Future


The leadership of Saint Anne’s wants and needs to hear from you about what is important for our future. To accomplish this, we are surveying the parish to understand the vitality and direction we need to move in for a healthy future. Each adult and youth sixteen and over are invited to participate. Each of your voices is important and needed.

The survey, which was emailed to every parish member, will be open until midnight on May 28. Please take time to respond. The survey takes about 20 minutes online and must be completed in one sitting – you cannot stop, close the survey and return to it. The results are completely anonymous.

If you receive the survey at a shared email address, please send us individual email addresses to send additional links. If you did not receive a link to the survey by email, please contact the church office and we will get it to you. You can reach Jan Stewart in the office at We will also provide paper copies that you may pick up in the narthex or church office.

We want to hear from everyone. We look forward to taking the next steps to increase the strength and vitality of Saint Anne’s.