The Saints Among Us

From the April 2020 B’Anne’R:


Since ancient times, Christians have honored men and women whose lives represent heroic commitment to Christ and who have borne witness to their faith even at the cost of their lives. Such witnesses, by the grace of God, live in every age. (From the Preface to Lesser Fests and Fasts, 2003).

We remember these men and women, not because they were “perfect” – which they were not – but because they were open to the motions of the Holy Spirit, they followed the example of Jesus, and they lived lives of gratitude and service.

In these confusing and uncertain times, it is important for us to reflect on what it really means to be “saints of God” and to look for them all around us.

We don’t have to go far: law enforcement officers and healthcare providers who are putting their lives at risk during the current crisis; teachers who are up all night adapting their material to the new, necessary tools for online learning; those who stock the shelves at the grocery store who are making sure we can still find what we need; and all those who are keeping the economy and the world moving. Saints of God all around us.

Let’s notice them. Let’s thank them. Let’s be them. For some great stories of the saints among us, click here

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